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Turner Training & Consulting
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Who we are

Shawn and Christiane Turner, founders and owners of TTC, are well respected specialists in the field of advanced communication skills and NLP Training. They are masters at creating effective results in personal and organizational transformation.

As certified Master Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapists, Presenters and Group Dynamics Specialists they have been studying, researching and training in the areas of positive thinking, abundance, shamanism for over a decade.

Shawn and Christiane have been a couple for over 15 years and share their lives with their two sons Gracen and Maxian. They express their vision as husband and wife, as parents and as business partners

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Our Mission

Group Dynamics Specialists NLP training
Sharing knowledge and resources
with love and compassion
for positive personal and communal evolution.

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Our Philosophy

NLP trainers In our ongoing quest to better ourselves and our relationship with the world we live in we have discovered and utilized many skills, techniques and beliefs from all corners of the globe and all aspects of humanity. We have seen the common threads that are always woven into the tapistry of a joyful existence, no matter what the cultural or economic background. By weaving these threads into our own lives and teaching others how to integrate it into their unique situations, we most honor this gift, which has been given to all of us, called life.

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Our Services

We design and facilitate workshops and trainings that are specialized in helping our clients build more effective communication skills in personal as well as business relationships.

We offer private consulting sessions for personal goals and ongoing coaching programs.

Our Services include:

  • Personal Consultations
  • Coaching
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • NLP Training
  • Team Building
  • Leadership

We serve the community by providing regular free seminars about various topics related to our mission in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area.

Neurolinguistic Programming

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For details on our upcoming seminars, please click here.

What's in Season

success coaching

I have given thanks
I know what I want to grow
I have the seeds
I have prepared the soil
I have listened to the signs
It is the proper season
I have planted the seeds
I have given Thanks
I trust Mother Nature
I let go
I bear witness to the miracle
I nurish myself and the plants
I am giving Thanks

by Shawn Turner

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Company Information

relationship counselingTurner Training & Consulting
Shawn and Christiane Turner
2068 West Theckston Road
Taylorsville Utah 84119

Phone: (801) 963-4799
cell Shawn: (801) 259-3148
cell Christiane: (801) 259-3669
Telefax: (801) 963-4947


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